Home Surveys

Quick, Hassle Free Surveys

All our home surveys are carried out by professional and qualified Engineers or surveyors , not Sales Representatives.

For straight staircases the survey is a very quick and simple process, for curved staircases apc Stairlifts use a photographic survey system carried out by a qualified Surveyor, ensuring your staircase is measured accurately guaranteeing the best possible fit for your staircase.

User Assessment

This will be carried out at the same time as your home survey, and allows our Engineer to match the best product to your specific needs and location, it can also identify if any accessories or additional features would be of benefit.

Get In Touch

We are always eager to hear from our client base, whether it is to share your experience as a customer or to enquire about our products specifications, you can also request a quote if you'd like although you may prefer to speak to us directly.



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